Stematdan Studio

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    The goal is a continual incremental self-taught exploration in traditional soft glass lampworking; work is towards creating traditional free hand blown art glass. Designing and producing annual limited edition hand blown crystal ornaments for select clients and notable charitable concerns directly supports further study in this exploration.

   The work is with clear crystal tubing applying overlay/s of European color glasses in the flame, similar to the early primitive American bohemian discipline, which is diminutive, delicate, yet strong in nature. Each piece is manipulated in the flame with both hands allowing heat to join, melt and move the glass in preparation of blowing a vessel shape. Air marvering is the rule for shaping and very little surface marvering is used to achieve the final shape desired in form. Allowing gravity and each individual glass colors viscosity to effect and further control its destiny as to form and flow of color interaction is to be enjoyed within the creative process.

Stematdan Studio

PO Box 356

Waddington, NY 13694